Step 1. Look Up a Ticket:
Welcome to the City of Lakewood's Online Ticket Payment System. You may pay tickets issued by the City of Lakewood, which include traffic infractions and parking violations. Please have a copy of your ticket available for reference. Enter your ticket number. Include the "L" or "LE" before the numbers, as it is printed on the ticket. If you received a parking violation please include the "P" or “B” before the numbers, if no "P" or “B” is present enter all of the parking summons number.



Step 2. Review the Ticket and Select Option:
Decline to Pay Online

Choose to Plead Guilty, Waive Rights, and Pay Ticket - If you select this option, you may pay the ticket now. Upon payment of the ticket, you are agreeing to a guilty plea, any court appearance will be waived, and your ticket will be closed. If points are associated with this plea they will be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You also agree that by paying this ticket, you waive your rights to an attorney and hearing by the Court.

Step 3. Enter Payment Information:
Card Verification Value, or CVV is an anti-fraud security feature for your protection to help verify that you are in possession of your credit card. This ensures that nobody can illegally use your credit card number without actually having the card in their possession.

NOTE: If your credit card does not have a CVV, please enter four zeroes (0000) on the CVV field.

Step 4. Review and Confirm Payment:
Agree to a Plea of Guilty, Waiver of Rights and Waiver of Appearance - By selecting, I understand my rights as stated on the back of my summons. I understand that my signature (Selecting I Agree) to this plea of guilty will have the same force and effect as a judgment of Court and that any points shown on this form will be reported to the Colorado State Division of Motor Vehicles (or to the licensing authority of the state where I received my license to drive), which will result in points being assessed against my driving privilege. I do hereby plead guilty to the charge(s) shown on this form, waive my rights to an attorney and hearing by the Court, and agree to pay the penalty prescribed for my offense.

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